Dear Google+:

Yep. It's me over here, too. I've been using this name everywhere, including offline for a very long time now.
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ASUS RMA support failures

So I'm calling ASUS for the third time today, because the first two reps I got through to (after waiting on hold for fifteen minutes each time) elected to hang up on me, apparently because it would impact their call time metrics after they looked at the records on this unit. The second guy tried to tell me that the netbook is now out of warranty, which is ludicrous considering that I'm just trying to get them to perform the original warranty repair corectly.

For the record, I bought this netbook refurbished back in May. It was unstable. I tried for a month or so puttering with it, doing only things which would not violate the warranty, in an attempt to sort it out. I reflashed four different versions of the BIOS released for that netbook. I reset the CMOS settings countless times. I even completely reinstalled Ubuntu Netbook Remix a few times just for the sake of completeness. Being that the CMOS battery isn't a user-replaceable thing, it has to go to ASUS's RMA department. Luckly refurbished equipment does have a 90-day warranty which was still valid.

So, following ASUS's instructions, I sent the netbook alone, along with a description of what was wrong with it and their checklist to ASUS RMA. Well, they met their stated timeframe for repair and sent it back to me, unfortunately all they did was reflash the BIOS and reimage the disks with their slightly tacky version of Linux. Obviously that didn't work.

So... I called ASUS support again, and they gave me a new RMA number and had me send it to them again. Now it's four months in, but do they manage to fix it this time? No. In fact the second person did even less than the first technician because the repair notes state that they simply cleared the CMOS and put it back in the box. Being that I mentioned explicitly in the notes I sent both times that clearing the CMOS only makes the machine stable for 1-3 boots, I find that downright insulting. here I am on a Sunday, listening to their hold music for the third time in one day, and trying to keep my cool about this. It's not helping that the hold music has a guy talking about how other notebook manufacturers have over "twice" the failure rates of ASUS. I fail to see how this is even possible, or relevant, since I can't get one repair done correctly on something that did fail.

There will be updates.

Predictive posts

Nevermind what this is about, it'll be explained in a few days

1. Failing stator
2. Failing CDI trigger sensor
2. Failing CDI
3. Loose f**king wire

99,389. The stereo amp.
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Let's block some porno!

So, in a twist of utter moral bankruptcy it appears that a company called ICM Registry has finally succeeded at strong-arming ICANN (the international body responsible for seeing to it that the DNS system that makes the internet work doesn't get torn to shreds by greedy lunatics) into giving it licence to run it's very own virtual land-grab, under threat of lawsuits.

In short, this means that the .XXX top-level domain will soon appear, and the company that will be collecting money for every name in that namespace is ICM Registry.

There's no sensible need for this type of top-level domain. It will merely accomplish two things: 1. The press and general public will have another opportunity to act generally shocked about the sheer volume of porn on the internet before going back to downloading as much of it as they can. 2. Conservative groups will demand that it be banned from everywhere.

I'd like to say it will accomplish three things, oh wait, I can...

3. It will force companies whose legal departments are terrified someone might tread on their trademark to purchase YET ANOTHER needlessly redundant domain name.

...and that's what ICM Registry is counting on to make a buck. It was willing to force the internet at lawyer-point to be needlessly more complex to do it. It's willing to create a new problem (or extend an old problem) for everyone else to do it. It is "damage" to the internet, which we should now route things around until someone fixes it.

THAT is a good reason to block the .XXX domain. Not because there's going to be porno on it--if you have a problem with that you should go ahead and block .com lookups. Not because they're sloshing around in an already cloudy list of near-useless TLDs. ...but because the company responsible was willing to degrade the internet further just to make a buck.

I will so be making a longer rant on this subject later.

Writer's Block: Rescue mission

If I thought I had a decent shot at it, I'd go one better. I'd save the arsonist for later.

Ten minutes is not nearly enough time to express my displeasure with someone for setting my place and all my stuff on fire.

Post Scriptum: The incredibly awesome part about LJ is that this post appears to be a non-sequitir, but when I go to edit it, it merrily shows me the link to which is what it was written in response to. Yay LJ!

STILL no freaking electricity

Seriously. W.T.F is with NES.

No explanation from them aside from conflicting stories, the buildings that were flooded have been checked out by the electrical inspector, and the goddamn substation has been dry for days now.

I've just moved my gaming machine over to someone else's house until NES gets me some goddamn electricity.

All of Civilization IV for ten bucks: Good
Finally logging into WoW and missing the Children's Week by a handful of minutes: @#$@#$!!


"F**k the Cumberland" still, but NES are the reason I've still got no electricity.

If no one's seen repairmen out there by noon tomorrow, I'm going to start calling people until I find someone's fucking Sunday to ruin.
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NES, working hard for your money

Yeah, so the floodwaters have been gone from the transformer that feeds my apartment all day, and surprise surprise... no one's seen NES go anywhere near it.

Who wants to bet money they're probably over at Opry Mills trying to restore power to Shopryland. There's a whole buncha retired and/or old people where I live. This isn't cool.

Some people are garbage

This afternoon when I went by my West Nashville apartment (which wasn't flooded, but not by much, and I can't say the same for the transformer that feeds my stuff power) to get a quick change of clothes, someone snatched my helmet and netbook from the breezeway.

I want them back.

There's a $200 "no questions asked" reward for getting them both back. $100 for either.

The helmet is fairly unique, so I'm posting pictures here. It's size XXXL so it's going to take some considerable time to get another one made and shipped. It looks like below and as far as I know is the only one in Nashville. If you see it, snap a pic or something and drop me a line about it.

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Sheesh...  Keep an eye out for old men loading shooing animals into boats.  Over by the marina where my condo is the river is already pretty high and the little creeks that feed into it are flooding.

The Weather Channel is talking about many inches of rain last night and possibly eight more today.
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