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evildagmar's Journal

Dagmar d'Surreal
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I am biodegradeable. I should never be applied to fresh paint or blistering will occur. Do not attempt to use me as a sugar substitute. In case of ingestion, notify paramedics immediately.

If you write depressive teen poetry, I don't want to know about it. If you think you know me and you're not sure, you've got the wrong Dagmar. I am neither Swedish, nor a flower, nor am I a girl. I have a sense of humor, but at the moment it's at the cleaners. I am the Slim-Shady-on-acid-that-goes-bump-in-the-night, and no, I probably don't remember who you are.

Don't spam me and you won't become my next "little errand" the next time I'm so some drinking. The only thing I give to spammers is greif.